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Welcome to Nature's Pantry Foods!

We are a family owned and operated long term survival company located in Allen Kentucky. Natures Pantry Foods is a private label company with 25 years experience of great tasting and wholesome foods.

Free From Compromise!

Our products are free from the ingredients you don’t want or need. We take pride in hand packaging their food to give their clients the best quality in our industry.

  • Quality, great tasting ingredients and products
  • Packaged in heavy duty Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers.
  • No GMO, (genetically modified organism)
  • MSG Free, (monosodium glutamate)
  • Soy Free Products
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Great Tasting. Wholesome Foods.

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What people are saying about our products!

John Z.

Each bag said it contained about 5 servings, but we were able to provide about 10, 1/2 cup servings. You can see the amount it makes in these 2 serving dishes pictures. The bags are Ziplock so you can have a meal today, then save the rest for another meal at another time. Pretty convenient if you have to be on the move; hiking, camping or bugging out, but still want a good meal

Laurie M.

We LOVE the products!! the dehydrated peppers and onions are one of my favorites. And, the chocolate cereal is FABULOUS!! Perfect for cold mornings. Very filling. I'm excited to try the other items I've gotten!! Thanks Teri, Clay and the rest of the AfterShock family!!